Are you organising an engagement party? Wedding? Big birthday bash? Or private event or business function?

Lola is a 1970’s Viscount Caravan, beautifully restored and transformed into an all equipped bar and specialty coffee provider.

You tell us when and where and provide us with the drinks you’d like on your bar menu - and we’ll bring Lola and props styled to suit your event, charismatic barista/bar staff and a presence to your party that will have your guests reminiscing for years to come!

Lola is available for all kinds of events including weddings, parties, business functions, celebrations or promotional events. We serve within approximately a 2-hour radius of Brisbane (i.e. Gympie down to Byron Bay).

Lola offers BAR HIRE which includes Lola, RSA certified bar staff, your choice of beverage service, vintage style glassware, ice for service and assistance with making your event as relaxing and fun as possible for you and your guests (all we ask is that you pre-chill the alcohol & beverages, & have them ready upon our arrival). Bar hire can also include tea and coffee (Neli’s Coffee, Redcliffe) as Lola houses a single group La Marzocco machine, with years of barista experience.

Lola can also by your mobile CAFE at your next event - serving teas, coffee, juices and whatever else you desire.

We also offer BAR STAFF without Lola. If you have a venue already equipped with a bar, we can bring our RSA certified bar staff, vintage style glassware & bar-ware to you!

We do not hold a liquor licence, so if you'd like us to serve alcohol; you purchase everything you’d like to provide to your guests and we serve your party with delicious cocktails and/or wines and beer. We help you make your event an unforgettable experience for yourself and your guests!